The Bones Of You

A graphic comic-strip illustrative version of the lyrics of one of my favourite bands, Elbow –


An ongoing, hopefully amusing, series of screen print moustache puns. Prints available to purchase from my shop soon.

No Swim Penguin

Sent to yet another zoo – NoSwim is used to boasting about his many skills, none of which involve getting wet. However, after a surprise incident, he realises the value of true friendship and discovers a skill he didn’t think he had.

Matti: Cave Artist

Matti’s family are certain the drum-playing tribe across the valley are planning to eat them all and steal their music. Matti is curious and can speak the universal language of art – her drawings help the two tribes pool resources and make better music.

Freedom Freida or Crazy Kat

I like making models of my characters. This one is a one-of-a-kind cat woman. You can read more by clicking on the image or title.

All the Houses I’ve Ever Lived in

Drawing buildings stems from my desire to ‘make friends with architecture’ – (see blog post here). I had the idea to draw all the houses I have lived in for longer than 3 months. There are a few. It has developed into a zine, which folds out to be a poster – prints/zines available soon through my shop.

Grotsby Snot

A creature of indeterminate substance, Grotsby-Snot self-styled lord the plug hole, urchin of the underbed and inhabitant of realms behind the fridge – a grot goblin whose mission in life is to insure that kids know how to get good and messy.

Drawing from the Window

Sketches, ceramic models and prints. A range of products available to purchase in my shop soon.