Roma (Aged 19)

These drawings, studies and sketchbook experiments are just a few of the many that I have in the sketchbook I took to Rome in 1989-90. It is possibly one of my most treasured possessions because, like a diary, it’s a glimpse back to my 19 year old self.

I love to see how passionate I was then about drawing. A child, yet still me.

There are so many drawings in this book that I like. I probably loathed many of them back when I drew them – but the passage of time has made me gentle towards them now. I was so experimental, so playful… and Rome is such a wonderful City to explore.


AirportBus AtTheAirport CafeStudies CampoDiFiori CharacterStudies ItalianMan OldWomaOnSpanishSteps PassportTheft Pepsi PiazzaNavona PiazzaNavona2 PiazzaNavonaCharacterStudies PiazzaNavonaCharacterStudies2 PiazzaNavona-LookingUp SpanishSteps-Legs SpanishStepsLovers TackyStall TheKitchen trees-lookingup

4 thoughts on “Roma (Aged 19)

  1. Its a beautiful sketch book. I took some students to a talk by Grayson Perry and he said that the definition of an Artist is someone who forges a life in which they have the time to create. You are clearly an artist, stop using the government as an excuse, governments are always shit, no matter what their name is. Just get on with it, life is short, and its gonna take you a ‘short’ while ( you’ll be surprised how short to get back to where left off. Just do some Art, all your resentment will disappear and its guaranteed to make you happy. Best wishes

    1. Thanks Bertie. I was kind of thinking more about being rich and not having to do other work for money, rather than specifically blaming the government. You know, imagining myself off on a ‘Grand Tour’ drawing all the time and coming back and having an exhibition. But a job can help focus the time that I do have for my art I suppose – just with being a parent too, it can seem incredibly ‘squeezed’. However, you are right – basically ‘just do it!’ as some kind of global mega-brand is often heard to say….

      Hope life is lush out there in South Korea Bert.

      Natalie x

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