Drawings in the Job Centre

Form filling
Three Lads in Job Centre
Three blokes looking fed up in the Job Centre – great mistake on the face of guy in the centre!

It’s good to go to the job centre with the purpose of drawing. It takes my mind off the fact that I am actually going there to sign on.

That’s the joy of ‘Zero Hours’ contracts but I mustn’t worry about that – I’m just going to the job centre to draw. Once a fortnight, at a set time.

Looking bored
A young fella looking very bored in the Job Centre
Form filling
Chap at the Job Centre completing a form

And they’ve been very decent to me at the job centre, not too much of a ‘grillling’… not yet, anyway.

Last week was a good one, the chap signing me on told me that I ‘should think about selling my drawings. Having an exhibition’.

I’d like to draw there more often, or stay there longer to draw, but it just doesn’t seem right, drawing people in that state of despair. And it kind of sucks away at your soul. But then I’m forgetting that everyone there is a work shy ‘scrounger’ who enjoys living off the state.

However it seems now, I have faith that the future for me must involve teaching, drawing and writing… some how, some way. It will happen. I so love drawing….

It’d kind of be really nice if it (eventually) involved living somewhere near the coast too.

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