3ft People Festival 2014

The following few images are those drawn ‘live’ and on the scene…

UnderTreeCROPEating Under The Tree(This one took all day and I don’t even like it!).Queuing For FacePaintingUnderATreeFacePainting_01

It would’ve been nice to be there longer, the whole day, but my own commitments as a school mum meant that I was required to drop off the children first, and attend school assemblies and the like! So this is two days, from approx 11am – 2pm. Hardly full days (and there were a few drawings simply too terrible to include here!)


These next few images are either ‘worked-up’ from the ones drawn at the scene, or in the case of the ice-cream van, drawn using photographic reference…

IceCreamQueueFacepainting_03TigerFaceFlowerFaceQueuing for Face Painting - 02


I think next year, it’d be good to get a whole posse of reportage artists together to draw there – establishing  a base ‘tent’ where families can come and sit down, their kids can play and perhaps eat their picnic whilst being drawn (if they like the result they can order a print, or buy it) and then various artists can go off and wander around recording the event – we’d have to make up ‘EVENT ARTIST’ t-shirts… please contact me if you are interested – I seriously think this would be ace! (with artist buddies, I wouldn’t feel so lonely and scared!)…

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