Delicatessen Undertakers

Mauro's Deli in Writtle

Here I am again, trying to ‘make friends with architecture’.

I read somewhere that I should treat buildings in the same way I would a plant or person, you know, see it as something organic. So here is my attempt. Admittedly it was drawn from a photograph I’d taken, to make it easier to simplify; although perhaps I have simplified a little too much?

There should, I think, be more warmth in the dark areas, and people in the windows. At the moment I think it looks more like an undertaker’s than a deli. The real place is painted black, with these gorgeous blue tiles – and I love the way the cafe looks, which is why I am drawn to draw it.

I like the way I have made it seem to be ‘cut out’ by just drawing the front of the cafe and not the rest of the building or surrounding elements. I also like the organic nature of the drawing, the unmeasured quality, although the lines are looking a bit more wobbly than they really are because I didn’t stretch the paper.

Well, sorry I can’t say much more about this that is at all interesting – except that certain elements appeal to me and I feel have been successful – there is a lot here I want to continue exploring – so it does ‘fit my brief’; it is part of my journey to ‘getting better’!

I really would appreciate some feedback (by the way, I used ink for the black areas.. and you know I think they are a little ‘too black’, but I love the way that ink can be layered. Ahhhh! Actually as I write this, I am thinking of what it is I need to change!! I might try it tomorrow and add to the post! Wow, now wouldn’t that be exciting? I have time this week – so I am gonna do it!).

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