Donuts and Plastic Chairs


I’ve not been doing so well with updating this blog recently. I suppose there’s been the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, a wedding to illustrate (see previous post on being a ‘jobbing’ artist) and the small matter of a floundering dissertation. Then Grotsby (another previous post) and the new ideas that I have for two books (one for older children/people and one for the very young people) which I plan to do for my MA Project… so this is yet another idea to follow and I’ll tell you a little about it because, quite frankly, a little is all that I know about it.

I plan to follow a line of enquiry through drawing. The idea is for it to be a reportage project, an exploration, at least on the surface, into the kinds of places that you find these white plastic chairs. Which, incidentally, happen to be rather challenging to draw (this is, I am reliably told, due to them having compound curves). So ostensibly an observational project into the locations of wipe-clean, stackable, moulded, compound-curved plastic chairs. On another level, I sort of hope it might be about the current government’s rhetoric around ‘the deserving vs the undeserving poor’, ‘the hardworking families’ codswallop the mass-media keep bashing on about. So – as I said, I’ve no idea what might come out of it. It’s just nice to have some sort of theme to explore and It might just end up being an interesting series of drawings, which will be fine. I’m looking forward to hanging out in some great seaside locations, a few roadside burger vans and a boot sale or two.

PlasticChairs_02 PlasticChairs_04

These few sketches are really just about me trying to get to grips with those compound curves!PlasticChairs_05 copy SomeoneInPlasticChairpsd TechnicalStudies

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