Grotsby in Black and White

I’m experimenting with black and white because Grotsby might appear first as an older children’s chapter book, and in those the illustrations are often black and white or just two colours. Will try the two colour version next. Generally though – it’s been a while since I’ve drawn him (other than line sketches) so it’s good to be playing with ink and a dip pen again.

There’s always the same challenge – to balance my love of line with the need for tone, colour, texture – and trying to find a consistent working method – all without loosing the energy of the original sketch.

More challenging than many people think.

Original Sketch (1)


Original sketch (2)

I’m off to talk to those lovely people at Bloomsbury again tomorrow – so wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Grotsby in Black and White

    1. Yes, I do work for myself also, on a number of different projects. However, anything that is published in print must go through my agent. If you’d like to chat further then you can send me an e-mail via or my contact page. Thanks for your positive comments, and for visiting my site! I’m going to take a look around yours now. Hope to hear from you.

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