Massive Immoveable Object


So this is an experiment.

It was inspired by a stress-inducing experience when trying to discuss a mortgage. I don’t want to go into the details, suffice to say that the mortgage advisor had his facts wrong and that he later called to apologise and correct the misinformation. Which is good – but it had left me feeling enraged and strung-out most of the morning.

Before the bank called, I was so angry I thought I’d draw this massive, corporate & suited mountain of a bank staff member talking to a puny, small and not very wealthy woman (me). Then the bank called and I didn’t feel so angry…

…but in the end I figured I still wanted to draw it. I tried to almost ‘sculpt’ the figure of the bank man, which means that I worked directly onto the page with the paint and I didn’t fanny around with a pencil trying to perfect the position of the man before I started throwing ink and paint about.

Working in this way helps me to be bolder, I think. More free with the expression, size and proportions of the human figures.

I do think it says ‘fat’ more than it says ‘massive immoveable object’ – which is what I was aiming for – but it’s quite fun and a very suitable working method for me. I reckon I will try to do more like this, and work on trying to control it less.

(Also, I just realised there really ought to be a computer (“says no”) on the desk).

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