Matti & Printmaking

I recently made a breakthrough with my illustration of Matti, and I’m very excited to have rediscovered printmaking. There will be more coming on this subject, but for now I’m just going to leave these here… I’ll be back very soon with more (and not just Matti).


(In defence of my recent long silence – I have just moved house for the second time in a year! Now I am settled and won’t be moving again – so you can expect to hear more from me).

6 thoughts on “Matti & Printmaking

    1. Thank you. Well, I suppose at some point a while ago, I was thinking about myself as a child and what is was that I must have liked about drawing back then. I’m not sure about how I ended up envisioning a cave/tribal girl – but something to do with how essential drawing (and communicating) is to our experience of being human.
      Anyway I’m glad you like them. Thank you for commenting! 😁

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