People from the Window

As usual, it’s hard to find the time to draw. With kids, single-parenthood and a teaching job… but today I treated myself to a coffee in a large-windowed cafe with a view onto a popular street. People were walking up and down this little street, affording me a few seconds to try and capture them. I was attempting to exaggerate their proportions and make them into characters – its very handy to do that behind a window, as there’s almost zero chance they’ll ask to look at my sketch and see themselves portrayed with a giant body, pin-feet and a tiny head.

3 thoughts on “People from the Window

  1. Fabulous. You’ve captured the gestures of these walking figures so beautifully! They all have such character. And if this is an example of what you do when you haven’t been drawing much – well, wow – when I’m out of practice (which is most of the time these days) the results are grim. Great post!

    1. Thank you for such an encouraging reply dapplegrey. It’s lovely to receive feedback and especially when it’s so complimentary! I do find it hard to find time for creative reflection and observation – it always feels like such a luxury in this culture we have of keeping manically busy, where earning money is so important for survival and often seen as the only way to be productive & valuable. What are the main barriers to your creative practice?

      1. Health! Ive had ME/CFS for 35 years, and así get older I find I gradually have even less energy and strength to divide between all the everyday tasks of living and the ones we call creative. I try to make no distinction, so that my life feels creative anyway – but I wish I had more feeling-strong-enough time to draw and sketch. This is why I understand so well what you mean! But I think all of us have this problem to some degree, and have to find our own way through it. Keep drawing!

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