The Importance of Planning

I have been exceptionally quiet completely silent on my blog over the past few months. I have been working hard on work for an exhibition that took place over the summer at Chelmsford Museum.

I have taken a year’s sabbatical from my part-time teaching job in order to concentrate on developing my own freelance work and a local not-for-profit organisation of printmakers that I am now a director of. There should be more activity on this blog now that I have a little more time – I plan to use it to help solidify the direction my work will take and, to a lesser extent, showcase some of my new work.

I’ll share with you my latest discovery – that a key ingredient of success, is planning. Planning generally, not just for specific image making. And here are some photos to prove that I can plan!! This is the planning involved with making a coloured screen print. I’ll be honest here – I’m not certain this print will ever get made (have I over-planned?)… but when you are freelance, every day involves assessing your most immediate priority (unless  there is an immenent deadline) and things take over, move on – before you know it you have new ideas and no longer have the inclination to make this particular piece. Who knows – perhaps I will return to it before long, and you will get to see the finished image.

In the meantime, back to my planning…

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