More Little Boxes

Well, I’m still going. There should be twenty when I am finished, even though I have lived in over 24 houses (counting everywhere I have lived for more than 3 months). What I think I am interested in here, not only the buildings themselves – but the potential for hinting at, or picking out some element of narrative from the bare bones of what is, essentially, a visual list, a collection. I’ve always been a little bit interested in collections, specimens, science experiments. There’s something of that in this project.

Incidentally, One of the 24 houses is pixellated on GoogleMaps. So, if you take a virtual walk down this particular street online, you come across a strangely distorted, blocked-out structure. It’s a little sci-fi. This house is one I lived in for 9 months aged 34, I don’t have any photos of the whole front of the building so it’s one of the missing 4. I have yet to work out if it will feature in the zine. It’s definitely one of the most interesting architecturally.


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