Does it Tell A Story Now?

Here, for the first time ever, I have worked with a drawing done in-situ’ and used it to create an ‘illustration’. By that I mean a drawing that tells you something about the situation. I think this is a bit of a breakthrough moment for me and it’s soooo exciting!!

Drawing on Location 4

I went out to draw at Writtle duck pond. I hoped to get the opportunity to draw people, children and their adults especially, and ducks. I sort of got to do that, but it was cold. And you can tell – which just goes to show how the truth comes out through drawing. You canContinue reading “Drawing on Location 4”

Drawing on Location 3

I’m a little bit more on the look out for narrative, for the ‘story’ in what I am drawing. It’s no longer enough to just start drawing stuff, any stuff – I mean that’s fine and all – but I want to be a bit more selective. Sort out the really nice moments, interesting places,Continue reading “Drawing on Location 3”

Drawing On Location 1

So the first project of my MA is to explore and discover our personal visual language by ‘observation and experiment’. The observation has to include the moving human figure in natural, everyday environments. That’s not how they choose to frame it, but that is more or less what it boils down to. I think thisContinue reading “Drawing On Location 1”

The Shadow of Terror

This whole thing began with my friend, Sam Norton ( First he explained a joke; a visual joke that had he the technical skill, he’d have like to have drawn. I could have drawn it because as he explained it a picture formed in ‘my mind’s eye’ – not that it in any way helped me toContinue reading “The Shadow of Terror”

Birthday Card Designs for Just Imagine Illustrator’s Group

Illustrator’s Group Brief, September – October 2013.  I am a member of the Just Imagine Illustrator’s Group and we meet on the first Tuesday of the month and either discuss the progress of our own work, or look at the results of any project briefs we’ve been set. We quite often have visitors and talksContinue reading “Birthday Card Designs for Just Imagine Illustrator’s Group”

Calming the Rat Cage of the Mind

Drawing as a means to calm the mind. When I’m wandering aimlessly through my house, overwhelmed, I know there’s loads to do. I know I have things I ‘should’ do. The ironing pile is massive. I’ve got work to prepare for college but I don’t want to do it. The duvets need changing, the floorContinue reading “Calming the Rat Cage of the Mind”

A Word about Blogging in Underwear

I ought to just briefly mention that the inspiration for drawing myself blogging (one-finger typing) in my underwear comes from a book I have considered purchasing, called “Freedom is Blogging in your Underwear” by Hugh Macleod. The upshot of this is that I am, in fact, just as likely to be seen blogging in aContinue reading “A Word about Blogging in Underwear”