Bus Stop Drawings

BusStopLady-02The lady with a ‘Dalmatian hat’. I drove past her in my car whilst she was waiting at a bus stop; I noticed her hat. Incongruous hat, not in the least bit suitable. So I found myself wanting to recreate her from memory. I’m pleased with the result. I like where this is going.

Now I have an idea that I am going to ‘collect’ snapshots in  my head of people waiting at bus stops… this isn’t really a new idea, but the first time I’ve been pleased with the result.

Just in case I happen to have stumbled-on an amazing likeness of this woman, and you recognise her as your nan…. no offence is meant! I rather like her. By the way, I made up the feet. You’ll see from the preparatory sketches that she may have worn boots…


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