Laura Dodsworth has inspired this sketchbook spread – click here to see Laura’s work in a Guardian article. After a friend sent me a link to this article, I thought I’d like to draw breasts, you know, how you do. I like Laura Dodsworth’s work here because it is important; we are all (menContinue reading “Breasts”

Leaf-Stick Man

Well, in an attempt to keep updating my blog regularly, or at least a bit more frequently, I’d like to share my latest sketchbook doodle – drawn predominantly ‘from life’, very quickly, with coloured pencils. I really love the result. Perhaps it is because my son made the wee model, and the character he hasContinue reading “Leaf-Stick Man”

That Butcher’s Shop Again

Progress with architecture – still that Butcher’s shop! But am I making progress? I think I am. The final Butcher’s shop in this series has been created with more clarity as to what I wanted to achieve. And I think it is subtler, with less emphasis on line to sort out tonal issues. Not thatContinue reading “That Butcher’s Shop Again”


I’m thinking about branching out into portraits because I like drawing people so much. This is my aunt watching telly. I’d like to learn to paint properly, not that I can’t, just that it’d be good to have a really intensive bit of training in the proper use of oil, with an official portrait painterContinue reading “Portraits”

Cold Tea with a Crane Fly

So my first year is complete. I passed my second semester with flying colours, to my great joy, of course – (all swotty types like to get that ‘A’ grade), even doing well on the essay. But now a dearth of Cambridge MA happens – a four month stretch until I get back to the soul-foodContinue reading “Cold Tea with a Crane Fly”


Experiments with using Photoshop to colour some older drawings. I really like this technique and I’m super-happy I’ve discovered it. I use a computer-pen directly on a monitor to colour, and I use the colour rather like an ink wash – but a lot less messy and easier to do it again if you don’tContinue reading “Colouring-in”

Bus Stop Drawings

The lady with a ‘Dalmatian hat’. I drove past her in my car whilst she was waiting at a bus stop; I noticed her hat. Incongruous hat, not in the least bit suitable. So I found myself wanting to recreate her from memory. I’m pleased with the result. I like where this is going. Now IContinue reading “Bus Stop Drawings”

“What is time?”

So, whilst walking to school on Friday, trying to get there on time, unflustered, not too cold, without stepping on dog poo, dropping anything, forgetting anything or having any major tantrums, whilst simultaneously answering questions such as “Mummy what is time?”, “Why do we get older?”, or “what is for school dinners today?” Alex suddenlyContinue reading ““What is time?””