I had fun doing these. I wanted to have a very minimal, paired-down look, especially with the colours and use of line in the background. I think this ‘selectivity’ is part of the reason I like the results, it feels ‘illustrative’ to me, making design-based decisions about my drawing rather than simply drawing for it’s own sake (not that there is anything ‘wrong’ with that!).

Cacti-Sketchbook_01 Cacti-Sketchbook_02

And the above is where it all started (of course, in the Moleskine!). I had the idea of giving a colleague the gift of a plant but then realised that I didn’t know if they liked plants. I’d draw them one, I thought, and considered it amusing to draw a cactus because a cactus would be the easiest to look after. It’s bloomed into a whole thing now, the cactus poster above – I think I might be slightly addicted to drawing cacti and pots! Anyone out there want to commission a ‘kid’s guide to cacti’? (Bound to rush off the shelves).

AloneCactusNext post will be about penguins – look out for that!

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