Sketchbook: Campsite Cat

Boys & Cat watching TV outside

Boys & Cat watching TV outside

I made this sketch by the light of a fire, outside in the darkness of an October night. I used an ink-brush pen and a water wash and a black fine liner – the fine liner first. It’s a very loose sketch with two cats when there was only one, of course – but I really like it.

It was a great night. OK, so I did have to ‘sedate’ my two boys with cartoons on the laptop, but it threw an interesting light and I got a rare opportunity to draw and ‘be in the moment’. I think it counts as something we’ll all remember for a while.

2 thoughts on “Sketchbook: Campsite Cat

    1. We’re good. The campsite cat was Darwin. He sat on Alex’s back for quite sometime, until I felt sorry for Tango who wouldn’t come ‘home’ until Darwin had gone!

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