Sketchbook: Campsite Cat

I made this sketch by the light of a fire, outside in the darkness of an October night. I used an ink-brush pen and a water wash and a black fine liner – the fine liner first. It’s a very loose sketch with two cats when there was only one, of course – but IContinue reading “Sketchbook: Campsite Cat”

My Two Again

  Not really much to say, apart from that the boys make good subjects, and I like the technique I’ve used here. I hope to use a similar technique for a project that I am planning for the life story of Anne Naysmith. Link here: I will keep you informed of any progress inContinue reading “My Two Again”

Leaf-Stick Man

Well, in an attempt to keep updating my blog regularly, or at least a bit more frequently, I’d like to share my latest sketchbook doodle – drawn predominantly ‘from life’, very quickly, with coloured pencils. I really love the result. Perhaps it is because my son made the wee model, and the character he hasContinue reading “Leaf-Stick Man”


Experiments with using Photoshop to colour some older drawings. I really like this technique and I’m super-happy I’ve discovered it. I use a computer-pen directly on a monitor to colour, and I use the colour rather like an ink wash – but a lot less messy and easier to do it again if you don’tContinue reading “Colouring-in”

“What is time?”

So, whilst walking to school on Friday, trying to get there on time, unflustered, not too cold, without stepping on dog poo, dropping anything, forgetting anything or having any major tantrums, whilst simultaneously answering questions such as “Mummy what is time?”, “Why do we get older?”, or “what is for school dinners today?” Alex suddenlyContinue reading ““What is time?””

Some of the Best Bits from the Last Few Weeks of Semester 1

What a dull title. I could have called it ‘That Elusive Thing’… or ‘We Almost Never Eat on The Coffee Table in The Lounge in Front of the TV, Honest’ I drew this with a dip pen, in situ and used acrylic to paint and draw almost at the same time. Of course the coffeeContinue reading “Some of the Best Bits from the Last Few Weeks of Semester 1”