The Garden

I believe a garden is an important space. I love gardening and I find it very good for my mental & physical health. I have been struggling to begin on a project that requires me to draw trains, so I procrastinated by drawing something I love – plants and gardens.

I have also included a few images to demonstrate the hours of work put into actually making a final image – an insight, hopefully, into the unseen work, planning, researching, sketching of related forms and structures. Of course, there is the quickly drawn thing (think Quentin Blake) but mostly – and at least for me – creating an ‘illustration’ (as opposed to an observational study) takes thinking about. Considering where, and how, to ‘bend’ reality.

Anyway I enjoyed this and I’m pleased with it. Gicleé prints are available. Currently you would need to order by contacting me, via e-mail. Commissions considered.

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