People from the Window – Tin Foil Litho

A few weeks back I made this print. I used a very home technique, Tin Foil Lithography. The colour has been added digitally. I have to say it was ENORMOUS fun. Here’s another – just the black and white image, no added colour. Both drawn from my sketchbook studies made whilst looking out of theContinue reading “People from the Window – Tin Foil Litho”

Sweet Potato Princess

Is this a Potato Princess who is sweet? Or a Sweet-Potato Princess?   It’s the latter.   Why?   Because she’s wearing a kick-ass military jacket, and mega-boots. In bed. With a book. She probably swears on occasion too. Oh, and she was developed for #Colour_Collective. (This week’s colour was – you’ve guessed it – Sweet Potato).Continue reading “Sweet Potato Princess”

Good Hair Day, Bad Hair Day

Just looking through my sketchbooks to find some that might be suitable to leave lying around at the MA Graduation show next week (that, by the way, is the reason I have been posting even more infrequently than usual) and I came across this piece of trivial sketchbook play. Quite good fun… I definitely don’t thinkContinue reading “Good Hair Day, Bad Hair Day”