Sketchbook Sky Shanties

I have been working on a series of doodles, not quite certain where the impulse comes from but clearly it’s some kind of continuation of my new found fascination with architecture and home.

It must also be born out of a need for escape which I might usually experience with travelling, visiting friends and generally having a change of scene. Covid in the UK obviously means that’s not possible right now… so this helps. There are elements of Tuscany (one of my favourite parts of the world), industrial landscapes of the UK and – (from imagination only) Brazilian Favelas. Although the favelas might be more true of the model I am currently working on. Hope to be able to share photos of that soon. I bet you can’t wait now, huh?

Currently I am working on a model – I hope to be able to share photos of that soon. By the way, with the drawings – can you guess which drawings were sketched first?

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