Experiments with using Photoshop to colour some older drawings. I really like this technique and I’m super-happy I’ve discovered it. I use a computer-pen directly on a monitor to colour, and I use the colour rather like an ink wash – but a lot less messy and easier to do it again if you don’t like it!

It’s a good thing to be doing as I have always found colouring my line drawings very tricky. I felt as if I was simply ‘colouring-in’, and the drawings became lifeless. Here there’s something in the ‘inkiness’ of the colour that is doing it for me…. but I may have to watch the brightness of those colours!

AlexAtComputer AlexWithBalloons CafeCoupleModified_02 CafeNero_01 CafeNero_02 ManWithDeadDaffs SamWithJessie Jack

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