Frustrated Face-Palm Mum


I’m working on a lovely wee educational picture book with Oxford University Press at the moment. I’ve been busy with the roughs stage, and then its been Christmas – and I’m not sure how much I am allowed to say about the book just yet, so I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog recently.

Yet this drawing emerged from all my furious scribblings ahead of the deadline in late December, and it amused me. I think it might be worth a blog post…

It won’t appear in the book. Mainly this is because it appears to show a frustrated, sweary, face-palming woman when it’s meant to show a kind young mother adjusting her hair. Ahem – just to demonstrate what a large difference a hand position, stance, or wiggle can make.

I like her though, she looks Italian – gesturing like that. Or maybe she’s simply a mum like me, slowly loosing her cool because her kids have not yet cleaned their teeth and have just tipped out the dressing-up box and marble run, two minutes before they need to leave for work & the school run.


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