Just Imagine Shelving

A recent project for Just Imagine Story Centre. You’ll see Imogen is here, from earlier days (although I originally called her Ingrid). You’ll also see a lovely print above her, by fellow Essex-based illustrator Diana Mayo.

It was a lot of fun to do and was done in a rather short time-frame and yet I couldn’t help getting excited by all the possibilities… I fantasised about making crazy fabric jungles and colourful puppet plants, and I’ve always wanted to make a paper maché pigeon. Still, time limits what we can do more often than not, and I think I did a pretty good job of turning old cardboard boxes into a little fantasy forest in just a few hours. Nikki’s team kept me supplied with tea and biscuits too, which obviously helped.

Just Imagine had a very successful day showing off what it is that they do, and I’m sure their visitors enjoyed browsing all the beautiful books on display, in a cardboard woodland surrounding!

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