Black Dog

Here are a few snapshots of recent doodling pages. Some of these were done whilst ‘watching’ TV; quite a new strategy for me. I think it’s of interest because it closely replicates the circumstance of being in a meeting or lecture (see other examples here and here), where one’s mind is distracted enough to allow something subconscious to emerge.

I was thinking about an image to represent how the past 24 hours had been spent in the company of the damned black dog. It was probably my birthday that triggered it – maybe – or other life baggage… but hey, there it was. I thought, if I can create an illustration about it, I would be able to join the many other artists (poets, writers, sculptors, singers etc) that have been open about their struggles with self, with meaning and with depression.

Well, I’m still working on the cartoon – but I’ve been having fun on the journey.

And you want to see some of the things I found along the route so far?

Of course you do…




These cute wee dog characters.



This guilty looking child…


This stubborn little miss… (who I just happen to ADORE!)




And this dungaree’d kid (who is undoubtedly me)…



So as for the ‘In the Grip of The Black Dog’ post – you’re going to have to wait a bit longer, I’m still working on it.

5 thoughts on “Black Dog

  1. I love your doodles and think this is a very interesting exercise. A lot of potential in it I think, as a way of giving the subconscious a way to say things. So much to learn this way and such a good way to do it – reminds me to try more of it myself. And as always I love your drawings! Hope the black dog is heading for the hills (or has already).

    1. Thanks Dapplegrey. Always lovely to have such positive comments. I have really enjoyed the playfulness of this way of working and it’s been an effective way to help see off The Black Dog too. So yes, it’s headed for the hills for now.

      It’s always good to discover something new, and I think I did here. I’m looking forward to developing and exploring these ideas further.

      And if you do some ‘automatic’ (sort of) drawing… will you share it on your blog? It’d be interesting to see other peoples’ response to the challenge.

      Thanks for stopping by…

    1. Thanks Claire, yes I was having fun with those. ‘Work’ (i.e. work who’s purpose is primarily to pay the bills) has rather taken over again but I’m still lucky to enjoy all the work I am doing – and I am trying to make time to play as I have done here with these dogs.

  2. Ah yes, there is ‘work’ and work. For nearly the past year my day job has taken over everything with the books and stuff. It will be in a much better balance by the summer this year though 🙂

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