Naked Trampolining



This is probably not such a good title – well, unless I want to attract visitors via internet porn searches… (Which I think I did a short while back, with this post about breasts).



There’s probably pages and pages on this topic in other darkened corners of the world wide web. Who knows, perhaps there are groups dedicated to furthering the sport of naked trampolining; devoting their weekends to the free swinging of body parts, in various secret locations around the country. There’s probably even a secret society. I’m certain there must be international competitions held annually in Copenhagen or Amsterdam.

I need to tell you that these were (mostly) drawn with my left hand. It’s really becoming a thing.



CLUE: Not all these images were drawn with my left hand. Can you tell which ones were drawn with which hand? If so, which do you prefer?

And why draw with my left hand? I’ve dealt with that a bit here. And why this subject matter? God only knows. Just that it’s fun. It makes me grin. It’s playful – and that’s important.



Along the same lines is this wee sketch, something that sums-up a daily activity for many women on the planet (well, at least those of us who aren’t daily engaged with the business of walking miles and miles to fetch water, queuing for food aid, or making treacherous journeys to hospitals and schools).

And just to cheer you up again after that slightly serious note: Here’s a Victorian Gentleman bouncing…



5 thoughts on “Naked Trampolining

  1. I love these funny sketches. I cannot tell which are left handed because it’s a messy style of sketching – maybe the one doing a proper dive bomb is a right hander? Love the subject matter. I reckon those new wall to wall trampolining places are missing a trick!!

    1. Thank you so much Dylan. Yes! Those ‘Jump’ places… maybe someone should suggest it to them? I’m no longer sure which I did with my left and which with my right… but it’s such an interesting exercise. I thought it was just about the qualities of line but after thinking about Dapplegrey’s comment, it’s made me realise that it’s quite possible that the left-hand might enable something more subconscious to emerge.

      Anyway – so glad you enjoyed the sketches!

  2. I’m still trying to get over why you think it’s important for us to guess which drawings you did with your left hand. I mean, they’re all so wonderful, so funny, so completely liberating, and delightful – why should I care!!!? I feel like I’ve just been trampolining naked myself, and I live it!

    1. Thank you for such fabulous words! ‘Completely liberating and delightful…’ yes! That’s what I felt when I drew them, that’s the joy I tapped into I suppose, and I’m so pleased you can see that, feel that in the sketches…

      As for the right-hand/left-hand thing, well it’s not important to recognise which is which.. but the interesting thing is that because my right hand is more easily controlled it can end up producing a more fussy, maybe even ‘tame’ line. There’s perhaps something self-conscious about it. Whereas my left hand is not so easily bidden – the line that emerges is more rebellious, less conscious, less deferent and controlled.

      Which, thinking about that now – makes complete sense in terms of the subject matter as well as the technique. So, to be honest – it doesn’t matter which is which, I’m just interested to know if other people pick up on the different qualities of line…(or, more likely, whether it’s just my particular obsession).

  3. I’m so aware of this myself when I draw and you put it so well. I can see that you’re tapping into a huge well of joyful consciousness here and it’s something we should all be doing! I mean, it’s much more than just finding better ways to draw, it’s about letting go and discovering things that are otherwise behind a closed door – and it’s one that we’ve shut ourselves. I’m certainly going to try some of this myself! (PS you’ve made me realise that these days it’s why I mostly want to do reportage sketching in what feels like a totally uncontrolled way because I’m usually completely out of my depth with the crazy subject matter – yesterday I was sketching an event which involved a 50 foot crane lifting a 10 ton glass dome being watched by 40 or so spectators all milling about in a state of excitement, and my drawings were just mad – but did seem to get hold of some of the joy of it all. What would have happened if I’d drawn left-handedly I wonder – I’m going to have to try it!!!)

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