Babies: Spot the difference

Basically this is the same drawing rendered very slightly differently each time. This is the finicky kind of detail that illustrators spend hours obsessing about. I feel line drawing, in the context of book illustration anyway,  is a bit unfashionable at the moment. Unfortunately it’s my strength. Well, not unfortunately; I love line and I am not prepared to part with it. The publishing industry will just have to get fashionable with line again.

This playing with the sketch over and over, it’s all part of this balancing act – trying to be ‘fresh’ with the line, being selective about where there is a line and where there isn’t and of course, getting the pose and the expression right – which often, for me , involves much drawing… it is the bit I love the most, but the challenge is in trying to ensure the drawing doesn’t look laboured. I am getting so much better at drawing figures PURELY from my imagination, without using any kind of reference. It’s quite a skill and I am very excited about it – it’s definitely my passion to draw people.

Anyway, I am drawing the wee baby in a nappy because I wish to follow up a comment by a publisher that looked at my work at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair earlier this month. The comment was simply recorded as “I’d like to see a baby in nappy” I presume he meant me to draw one. Or two.

So, which are best: The original sketches or the coloured sketches? Comments please…

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